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The Diploma in Textile Marketing & Management is designed to impart knowledge and skill in Garment & Textiles and allied organizations.The curriculum and training aim at producing well qualified technicians who can establish customer relationship and effectively co-ordinate in the vital areas of operations relating to Textile & Garment Production, Merchandising, Personnel Management and Finance. It is a unique combination of Textile Sciences, Management Sciences and Computer application which also incorporates industrial training in all the essential areas of Textile & Garment manufacturing and trade.

The advent of computers generated revolution in communication, which helps in management decision making, data processing and application of computer systems in business is also an integral part of the syllabus. The subject on entrepreneur development is included for the exposure of entrepreneurial characteristics to the students.

CURRICULUM OUTLINE L - Scheme 2011 - 2012 batch onwards

SEMESTER - I & II - Common to All Diploma Courses. For further details see First Year Syllabus
SEMESTER - III - L - Scheme
  • Fibre Science & Technology
  • Textile Organizational
  • Textile Information Management
  • Cloth Design and Defects Analysis Practical
  • Textile Market Database Management Practical
  • Accounting Software Practical
  • Computer Application Practical
SEMESTER - IV - L - Scheme
  • Technology of Yarn Manufacture
  • Technology of Fabric Manufacture
  • Modern Marketing Management
  • Textile Quality Management
  • Textile CAD Practical
  • Textile Advertisement & Publicity Practical
  • Communication & Life Skill Practical
SEMESTER - V - L - Scheme
  • Textile Testing
  • Textile Wet Processing
  • Export Marketing
  • Elective-I
    • Apparel Merchandising
    • Human Resource Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Textile Testing Practical
  • Textile Wet Processing Practical
  • Garment Manufacture Practical
SEMESTER - VI - L - Scheme
  • Textile & Garment Costing
  • Garment Manufacture
  • Elective-II
    • Apparel Production Planning & Control
    • Textile Advertisement Management
  • Textile Export Procedure Practical
  • Garment CAD Practical
  • Executive Planning and Control
  • Project Work


The curriculum and trainning are periodically updated to maintain 100 % industrial orientation to equip the students for ready employment. Students of this course are assigned responsible positions in Marketing, Merchandising, Production, Quality Control and Administration in various reputed organizations. Currently, they are employed in spinning mills, weaving and sizing units, processing mills, garment export units and also in the non-textile sectors dealing with software, financial institutions, paint industries etc. both in India and abroad. With the knowledge of information Technology, our students are contributing to the application of information technology in textile and garment industry. Many students who completed the diploma in Textile Marketing & Management emerged as successful entrepreneurs in Textile and Garment Manufacturing and Allied Service industries.


  • Most of our students projects were done with the active support of the user industries
  • To upgrade regularly, syllabus oriented guest lectures and industrial visits to kindle the interest of students on the latest happenings in industries.
  • A total 6 weeks of intensive inplant training is arranged for all the students during their 4th & 5th semester vacations.
  • Short term courses on personality development & effective communication are offered to the students for developing their wholesome personality to face the challenges of external world.

Achievements, Awards and Rewards


Every year Workshops and Seminars are conducted by Department of Textile Marketing & Management on Entrepreneurship, Export Promoting, Short Film Production etc.

Our staff members are giving guest lectures in the polytechnics, schools and other colleges too on various topics in management and general subjects.

Our students present technical papers in various polytechnic colleges.


Faculty Up gradation after joining SSM Polytechnic College

1.Er. R.Dhanasekar - M.E (CSE) - 1993 - Anna University, Chennai.

2.Major. S.Sivapathasekaran - M Phil - 2008 - Periyar University, Salem.

3. Mr. P.Devarajan - M.Phil - 2009 - Periyar University, Salem

4. Er. P.Chinnusamy - M.E(C.S.E) - 2011 - Anna University - CBE., MCA - 1998 - University of Madras - Chennai.,