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SSM polytechnic college is a Government Aided Institution and is a unique polytechnic college in India offering six diploma courses in the field of textiles covering the entire spectrum of textile technology and four non textile courses. It is single-mindedly focused on addressing students’ needs in an increasingly competitive world. Life is not a set of instructions but a series of experiences and learning process ; technical education is not apart from it.
Our motto is not only to pursue academic excellence but also motivate and empower each student so that they can able to reach greater heights. Our unique supportive system will provide access to academic mentoring career counseling and hands on experience.
This college was established in the year 1979 by the members of SS Marichettiyar Trust, Komarapalayam, with a philanthropic vision and a pioneering zeal to imapart quality education. It started with two diploma programmes. With the wishes of great industrialists and educationists of that time, the polytechnic has steadily grown over the years: Community Polytechnic Schmen in 1995; CIICP project in 2000 and successfully running it in the consequent years; AICTE projects like Entrepreneurship cell and Industry Institute Partnership Cell; NBA accreditation for five diploma programmes for three years and Alumni Auditorium built in our college with a seating capacity of 1500 worth of Rs 57,00,000 /- (Lakhs budget).
As a diploma level institution, we are offering the best courses that are streamlined to meet the technical growth and business needs of global India. The college has developed excellent infrastructure and facilities required for providing quality technical education. The college boasts of spacious classrooms, fully equipped laboratories with latest equipment and instruments. With a dedicated team of experienced and qualified staff ensured cent percent scheduled contact hour in each subject during the semester is ensured.
The college also has state-of-the-art textile laboratories to develop effective technical skills among the students. The institute is providing playgrounds and ample opportunities for the students to participate in extra and co-curricular activities for the overall development of the students. Our library is one of the best libraries in India among textile institutions stacked with rare collection of textile books with the latest editions of books, magazines and journals. The library is provided with six numbers of systems in network along with internet facilities. All efforts are pooled to develop leadership quality, interpersonal skills, creativity, etc among the students to make them innovative troubleshooters.
The excellent success of our Alumni shaped as technocrats is in tune with the emerging global trends and dominating the textile industries in India and around the World with a great network of 6500 odd membership. The Alumni Association is successfully functioning in our college to ensure 100% placement every year to all the final year students through campus interviews.
Apart from the technical competence, I personally feel that moral values are equally important which need to be imbibed in the future engineers and technocrats to make them better citizens besides honing their technical skills who can work competitively, innovatively and offer engineering services on global fronts.
Best Regards,
Dr. G.K.Balamurugan