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 This course aims at producing supervisory level technicians to cater the manpower needs of Non-IT industrial sector. As Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an essential area of Engineering in any industry, students are getting more employment from Government sector Quasi - Government as well as private organizations.

Further, students are having a bright chance for higher education like B.E., B.Tech., and equivalent programmes by formal and non-formal modes in Electrical and Electronics Engineering fields.


The department has separate Electrical Engineering laboratory and Electronics Engineering laboratory. The Electrical Machines lab is provided with A.C machines and D.C machines including their operation and controlling with the help of trainer kits. Unwinded Motor and Transformer winding machines are available for wiring and winding lab. Analog and Digital measuring and indicating instruments are available for machines operation control and find the direct reading.

In addition to the above, the students are provided with well equipped Electronics laboratory. They are having practical training with the help of Micro Controller trainer kits. Programmable Logic Controller trainer kits and Power Electronics trainer kits to enhance their knowledge of Industrial Electronics & Industrial Automation. This may help them to work in the update technological environment like automated industrial operation and control. Separate Computer Aided Electrical Drawing lab is also available for students to improve their computer drawing skills.


The curriculum covers the following subjects.

Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Circuit Theory, Electrical Machines- A.C&D.C. Measurement and instrumentation, Control and Maintenance of Electrical machines, Generation, Transmission & Switch gear, Distribution and Utilization, Computer aided Electrical drawing, Domestic and Industrial wiring, winding of machines and instruments, Estimation and costing, Basics of Mechanical Engineering and their corresponding laboratory programmes.

Electronics Engineering:

Electronic Devices and Circuits, Analog and Digital Electronics, power electronics, Micro Processor, Micro Controller and it’s Applications and corresponding laboratory programmes.

In addition to all above, every student in the final semester is given an opportunity to utilize the innovative skills in the form of project work which is required for the partial fulfillment of the Diploma.


The students are given intensive coaching in theoretical and practical aspects of above subjects by well qualified and industrial experienced faculties.

Guest lectures by experts from reputed Industries and organizations are also arranged frequently for Industrial Institute Interaction. Industrial visits to Electric power generating units, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Servicing of Electrical and Electronics equipment units are arranged for the students. This practice is helping the students to update and excel their knowledge in their field of Engineering and shaping them as good technicians.

Short term courses like Hobby Electronics, Domestic Electrical wiring and Estimation, Servicing of domestic appliances, Electrical Auto CAD, PLC and its applications are conducting by Canada India Institutional Co-operation Project Scheme..

CURRICULUM OUTLINE L - Scheme 2011 - 2012 batch onwards

SEMESTER - I & II - Common to All Diploma Courses. For further details see First Year Syllabus
SEMESTER - III - L - Scheme
  • Electrical Circuit Theory
  • Electrical Machines-I
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Electrical Circuits & Machines Practical
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical
  • Workshop Practical
  • Computer Application Practical
SEMESTER - IV - L - Scheme
  • Electrical Machines-II
  • Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Digital Electronics
  • Transducers & signal Conditioners
  • Electrical Machines & Instrumentation Practical
  • Digital Electronics & Linear Integrated Circuits Practical
  • Communication & Life Skill Practice
SEMESTER - V - L - Scheme
  • Power System - I
  • Micro Controller
  • Special Electrical Machines
  • Elective Theory-I
    • Control of Electrical Machines
    • Programmable Logic Controller
    • Electrical Machine Design
  • Electrical Circuits Simulation Practical
  • Micro Controller Practical
  • Elective Practical-I
    • Control of Electrical Machines Practical
    • Programmable Logic Controller Practical
    • Electrical Machine Design Practical
SEMESTER - VI - L - Scheme
  • Power System - II
  • Electrical Estimation & Energy Auditing
  • Elective Theory-II
    • Power Electronics
    • Bio Medical Instrumentation
    • Computer Hardware & Networks
  • Wiring & Winding Practical
  • Computer Aided Electrical Drawing Practical
  • Elective Practical-II
    • Power Electronics Practical
    • Bio Medical Instrumentation Practical
    • Computer Hardware & Networks Practical
  • Project Work


Through placement cell students are given industrial training programme, Entrepreneurship and personality development programmes. Students are getting placement in reputed Textile industries, Electronics industries and computer field etc., through campus interviews.

Achievements, Awards and Rewards


1. The AICTE, New Delhi under MODROBS scheme sanctioned Rs. 15,00,000 / (Fifteen Lakhs) to purchase new Electrical & Electronics Lab Equipment's in the year 2012-2013. Mr. R.Jegadeeson, HOD/EEE is the Chief Co-ordinator. A new Programmable Logic Controller Hardware,Micro Controllers, Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generator and Measuring Instruments is added to the Electrical & Electronics lab.


Staff members are appointed as Question paper setters, answer paper valuers for many Textile based Colleges and Deemed Universities in Tamilnadu.


1.R.JEGADEESON - HOD - Veena Textiles and Spinners - Electrical Engineer - 10 Years, Raghav Industries - Electrical Engineer - 1 Year

2.R.SURESH - Lecturer - M.S. Spinning Mills - Assistant Electrical Engineer - 1 Years